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Our Services

Awning Cleaning Industries offers a full range of services for cleaning and maintaining your outdoor fabrics.


Cleaning & Treating

Our most popular service recommendation is, "Send us your dirty fabrics and we will return them to you cleaned and treated!" Awning Cleaning Industries provides top quality cleaning year-round for your outdoor fabrics. Most fabrics look better and last longer when they are cleaned periodically. Within our facility, we clean all fabrics by hand, using gentle but effective methods and APCO products that are formulated especially for us. These products are proven to remove mold, mildew, bird droppings, environmental dirt, and soiling that results from everyday use.

We use APCO products to treat your fabrics and to ensure that they will look better longer. These products, which are especially formulated for Awning Cleaning Industries, include water repellents, UV protectors, and mildew inhibitors.

Let us restore the beauty to your fabrics and make them the best they can be - a true reflection of your lifestyle.

Our Process

Our process comprises the following steps:

  • Inspection, to assess the need for any repairs
  • Handwashing, using environmentally friendly APCO products
  • Air-drying, followed by application of APCO protectors
  • Air-drying, plus polishing of any windows
  • Proper packaging for storage or for return delivery

Click here for a detailed description of each process step.


Along with our first class cleaning services, our repair services contribute greatly to our customersí satisfaction.

Split seam in need of restitching

Our repair services include but are not limited to:

  • Restitching with standard or high-tech thread
  • Braid repairs and replacements
  • Patching - sewn, glued, and self-adhesive
  • Zipper repair, replacement, and lubrication
  • Snap, fastener, and grommet repair and replacement
  • Boat enclosure window and screen replacement
  • Size adjustments and upgrades
  • Velcro replacement

Cracked marine window to be replaced

All repairs are quoted in advance.

One stop shopping is always a plus ... cleaned, repaired, and ready for use!

Worn braid in need of replacement


Awning Cleaning Industries has a fully insured warehouse, where your awnings and boat covers can be stored for the winter season. We tag each item and place them in our clean, safe storage area, all ready for spring. In the summertime, we offer storage for your winter awning covers, pool covers, and boat covers.


Cleaning - Commercial Storefronts

Throughout much of the Northeast, ACI offers maintenance for commercial storefront awnings. Keeping your storefront awnings cleaned on a regular basis helps maintain your original awning investment, as well as having a positive affect on your customers and the life expectancy of your fabrics.

We gently clean all fabrics with proven products and methods, and we apply protectors where appropriate. Affected windows are squeegeed and sidewalks rinsed of soap. We also offer minor on-site repairs, such as patching and bulb replacement.

With the exception of retractable awnings newer than three years old in some areas of the Northeast, we do not offer on-site residential awning cleaning.

Onsite Repairs

Awning Cleaning Industries offers a wide range of on-site repairs within our local service area - from patching and re-roping, to frame, pipe, and hardware repair. If the repairs require stitching, we will remove the fabric, make the repairs at our facility, and then return to re-hang the fabric.

When itís time to clean your storefront awnings, we also offer minor on-site repairs, such as patching and bulb replacement.

Seasonal Awning Service

For many homes, clubs, and restaurants, awnings are seasonal: up in the spring and down in the fall. This was our original service offered at ACI. Since we opened our doors in 1983, we have provided professional put-up and take-down services to customers within a reasonable distance from our facility in New Haven. Our experienced crews provide added value by keeping a watchful eye on the overall condition of your awnings, providing repairs on the spot when possible, and reporting anything else directly to you or through our office. We strive to provide these services however and whenever you want them. To ensure optimum scheduling, ask about our Automatic Service Program and winter storage. For optimal awning longevity, we suggest our seasonal awning put-up service in the spring, take-down service and storage in the fall, and cleaning every other year.

Retractable Awnings

Contrary to some opinions, we believe retractable awnings are not maintenance free! Most retractable awnings look better when cleaned at our facility, versus on the frame at your location. Although there is an additional labor cost to remove and replace fabric on-site, it provides an opportunity for a more complete service for your retractable awning, such as checking the hardware and transmission, lubricating moving parts, leveling the front bar, and wiping down the frame. And, while the fabric is off the frame for cleaning and treating at our shop, it can easily be re-stitched or repaired if needed. However, we will clean the awning on-site if it is less than three years old, not excessively dirty, and located within our local service area.

Retractable awning well maintained

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